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When four-month-old Holly was diagnosed with leukaemia, the Pannenburg family were devastated. They were vulnerable and needed help.

Holly started chemotherapy within the week, and her mum, Alice, says she remembers feeling so overwhelmed.

“But when we met the Childhood Cancer Association team, all of a sudden I was able to relax. It was like I had been really tense and then someone came in and said ‘we’re here to help you’ and I just sighed thinking ‘thank goodness, someone is here – we don’t have to go and ask for help’,” Alice says.

Sometimes, simply having a friendly face around; someone to listen and who understands what you’re going through, is all you need.

After seven months of treatment, Holly was near the end, and eventually, it was time to turn off the machine that was keeping Holly alive.

The Childhood Cancer Association team was by the Pannenburg’s side the whole time.

The loss of a child is undeniably one of the most difficult things a parent can face. Bereavement is a complex state, one in which many people find they need emotional, practical or even financial support.

Holly’s dad, Mark, says, “Holly died six years ago now but knowing we always have someone to turn to, no matter how much time passes, is reassuring. Especially someone who has been on the journey with us; someone who understands.”

Your donation ensures the Childhood Cancer Association can support families like the Pannenburgs, during their child’s illness and as they navigate their grief.

Help families just like the Pannenburgs. 

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