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Never Tear Us Apart Bracelet


Sterling silver bar with "Never Tear Us Apart" wording on black plaited leather bracelet.

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Never Tear Us Apart is something that defines our family. For two years our dad fought cancer, with frequent trips in and out of hospital. During this time, it was really important that we lent on each other and helped each other through the pain we were going through. This support continued after dad lost his battle, the need to stick together became even stronger for our family. 

Some days would be harder than others and there would be moments you would just want to break down and say, why our dad? This is where being such a close family got us through, never ever would we be alone or fighting the loss of our dad alone, we always had each other to lean on for support.

Even though we would eventually end up in different states we would never be torn apart, just a phone call or a short flight away, we would always be there for each other. Thinking that dad would always be watching down on us, kept us all interlinked.

It was my experience of those 2 years when dad fought extremely hard to beat cancer, the trips to hospital, the long days spent in hospital, that motivated me to get involved with the Childhood Cancer Association. I can relate to what these families are going through. When I go into the hospital and see the families around the bed or chemotherapy chair, I understand their pain and I want to help ease that pain. I want to help the child with cancer or their brother or sister sitting with them, by taking them away from that world for even 5 minutes. I try to bring a smile to their face, whether it's talking footy or kicking the footy or simply signing something.

I am proud to be an ambassador for the Childhood Cancer Association and help their valuable work supporting families to ‘Never tear us apart’.


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