Education Support

A childhood cancer diagnosis may result in a child not being able to attend school for a period of time and we recognise the challenges that this may create for the child’s educational development and offer two programs to assist.

Home Tutor Scheme

Established in 1989, the Home Tutor Scheme (HTS) provides home based educational support for school aged children who are currently receiving treatment for cancer and are unable to attend school full time as a result of their diagnosis/treatment. The HTS aims to help maintain and/or continue children's education, to assist with their transition back to the school environment. The HTS is fully funded by the Childhood Cancer Association, and reimburses the cost of one hour of tutoring per week.

Who can access the Home Tutor Scheme?

School aged children who have been diagnosed with cancer and who are:

  • Unable to attend school full time due to intensive treatment demands and/or because of their immuno-suppressed status.
  • Receiving palliative care and as such are unable to attend school.

How are children referred?

Families can speak with their WCH Doctor, Social Worker or Childhood Cancer Association Family Service Counsellor, who will then complete a referral for the child.

What happens next?

  • Once the application for tutoring has been approved, a letter will be forwarded to the parents/caregiver informing them of how to proceed in arranging the tutoring.
  • The parents/caregivers will be responsible for arranging the child’s tutor either through the child’s school or a registered tutoring company.
  • All tutors are required to be registered teachers or work for a professional tutoring organisation
  • Childhood Cancer Association will liaise with the parents/caregivers during this process and throughout the child's involvement with the HTS.

Oncology Kids Early Intervention Playgroup

Each week during the school term, we host an Oncology Kids Early Intervention Playgroup for children aged 2-5 years who are undergoing treatment or unable to attend regular early education settings (e.g. playgroup, kindy, school).

This is also available to siblings and is facilitated by a trained Early Childhood Educator. 

The fun, interactive sessions provide opportunities for socialisation, development of language and listening skills and sensory integration, as well as providing tools to parents to engage their child in playing to learn at home.

The program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and developed around the individual strengths of the each child.

This session is held on Monday mornings 9.30am-11.30am at a Playgroup SA venue in Prospect.

For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact:

The Family Service Team at the Childhood Cancer Association on (08) 8239 2211 or via the Contact Us page.

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