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Elliot is the Childhood Cancer Association’s mascot and friend to children with cancer and their families. Elliot is given to every child who is diagnosed with cancer, and who are referred to the Childhood Association. Children with cancer and their families are able to write a letter or draw a picture to Elliot, who will then respond.

Find out more about Elliot, related resources and his special role.

Wheelchair Loans

Wheelchair loans are available to children undergoing treatment and who require a wheelchair for short term use. We have a variety of sizes available to suit the needs of your child. Prior to accessing a wheelchair it is important to speak with your child’s medical team to ensure that wheelchair use is suitable for them. 

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Massage Therapy Service

The Childhood Cancer Association provides massage therapy conducted by a trained massage and paediatric oncology massage therapist, either at the Childhood Cancer Association Office (in a private and quiet space) or in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, if appropriate. Massage therapy is available to parents/caregivers and the child undergoing treatment, however signed medical consent must be obtained prior to the child undergoing massage therapy.  

Massage therapy contributes to a better sense of wellbeing. It can be a source of deep relaxation for stressed parents and may assist with any aches and pains that may be associated with changes in your environment (e.g. different bed, having to lift your child more frequently). 

For children it can assist in reducing levels of anxiety and the impact of some of the side effects of treatment such as pain and fatigue. Paediatric oncology massage is a specialised therapeutic massage which is appropriate at any
stage of treatment from anyone undergoing treatment to end of life

If you are interested in a massage, please speak with the Family Service team on (08) 8239 2211.

Family Room

Families are able to use our family room located within the Childhood Cancer Association offices to relax between appointments or to take some time out during long hospital stays. Facilities include:

  • Wireless internet access
  • Access to printing facilities
  • Games / Toys
  • TV, DVDs and video games
  • Access to cancer related resources are available for families to read and borrow

Special Events & Tickets

The Childhood Cancer Association hosts several events for families throughout the year, including the Annual Christmas Fair.

We are also very fortunate that through the generosity of our many supporters, we sometimes receive complimentary tickets for families to attend events, concerts and sporting matches in Adelaide. We endeavour to distribute any tickets in a fair manner based on the needs of our families at that particular time.

Services Provided to the Women's & Children's Hospital

Tea, Coffee and Newspapers

Tea, coffee and newspapers are provided by the Childhood Cancer Association in the Michael Rice Centre for Haematology and Oncology.

Other assistance to the Women's & Children's Hospital

The Childhood Cancer Association occasionally provides other items for use in the Michael Rice Centre for Haematology and Oncology. This includes emergency financial and/or transport assistance to families. We have also previously arranged other essential items such as a set of mobile phone chargers and a spare underwear kit.

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