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The Essentials for an Unexpected Hospital Stay

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Just imagine… A trip to the GP with your daughter ends up with tests at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital; these tests then result in the news that no parent wants to hear, “Your child has cancer”.

Your daughter is admitted immediately for further tests and treatment - you do not have time to go home, or perhaps home is too far away.

Sadly, this is a common scenario for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer.

The Childhood Cancer Association is there from the very beginning to provide families with the support they need every step of the way – which also includes gifting a Hospital Support Pack.

Hospital Support Pack

This pack includes practical, essential items for the whole family such as an overnight bag, toiletries, a diary compendium, digital thermometer, a bedside game, plus some Coles Myer vouchers for the extra necessities.

Additionally, the sick child will be given Elliot the dog, our mascot and a friend to have by their side throughout their journey.

With your generous donation, we can ensure every family has the essentials from the very beginning.

We Need Your Help

Every Hospital Support Pack we give to a family costs $400 and we need your help to meet the demand for packs over the next year.

Every dollar makes a difference. Please consider a donation today. Thank you.


Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Amanda

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Nicole

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Hazel

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Kristin

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Maria

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Kirsty

Hospital Support Pack - testimonial by Debbie

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