Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

You can help in so many ways by getting your family and friends or businesses and schools to help.
See our inspiring ideas below.

First, please consider donating, as every dollar will support kids with cancer, and their families.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was first proclaimed by former US President Obama in 2010. Since then it has become a global initiative, raising awareness for childhood cancer.

The Gold Ribbon is the International Awareness Symbol for Childhood Cancer, with gold being the international colour of childhood cancer awareness.

Inspiring ideas!

There are no limits to what you can do to fundraise during September to support children with cancer, and their families.

We have listed some of our favourites below - although we challenge you to use your imagination, get creative and we invite you to contact us to help turn your idea in to action!

Light up Gold

Can your business be part of the global initiative to light up cities GOLD around the world? We're encouraging iconic buildings, historic landmarks, monuments and bridges to light up in GOLD this September.

Wear Gold

Make an impact this September by wearing GOLD. We have gold shoelaces, gold ribbon earrings, scrunchies, lapel pins, wristbands and yellow awareness ribbons available to buy. Shop online.

Host a Gold Round

Host a Gold Round at your local sporting club or ask your team or fitness group to wear our GOLD shoelaces as a show of support to children who will be diagnosed with cancer. Buy shoelaces online.

Be Gold

Time to be courageous, make a difference and Be GOLD. Create your own event, like a quiz night, sporting contest or physical challenge, or be brave with a bold haircut or even shave your head.

Organise a fundraiser

Get creative and organise a fundraiser during September. You are only limited by your imagination - think quiz nights, gala dinners, sausage sizzles or bake sales. Download our Fundraising Toolkit.

Charity of Choice

Make us your Charity of Choice for the month and donate a percentage of sales or services to the Childhood Cancer Association during September. Run a special marketing campaign or host a donation tin.

Be a Childhood Champion

Join our Childhood Champion community with a regular donation each month to ensure children with cancer get the ongoing support they need. Join this September, or anytime it suits you.

Give High Fives

Get your workplace, school or community group involved in giving virtual high fives to kids with cancer with every $5 donation. You can also show off your collective impact on a nearby wall or window. It's easy to get started, contact us to set it up.

Go the chop!

Volunteering to have your head shaved or hair cut for us is a great way for your family and friends to rally round and get the donations coming in — and think of all the money you’ll save on haircuts! Set up your online fundraising page.

Go shopping!

Browse our online store for a gift that gives twice. From our very cuddly Elliot dog, to funky socks, tea towels or even a beanie - all purchases support kids with cancer.

Spread awareness

Become a digital ambassador and share social media posts about childhood cancer and the work that we do to increase awareness.

Give Gold

By making a personal donation or asking others to Give GOLD can turn into a BIG total. You might even ask for donations alongside a casual day, morning tea or crazy sock day.


If you choose to promote your fundraising on social media, remember to tag us @childhoodcancr.

Please keep in touch! For more information, contact the Fundraising Team on (08) 8239 1444 or via the Contact Us page.

Watch Thomas’s Story

Watch this 5 minute film where Chris Hartley talks through his family’s journey after his son’s diagnosis of a brain tumour and the support he received from the Childhood Cancer Association.

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