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Because we don’t receive government funding, we must rely on donations to ensure our team can be confident that we’ll be able to deliver support to children with cancer, no matter what.

Why give monthly? 

  • You'll join a special community of like-minded, dedicated people.
  • You'll receive personalised updates so you know exactly how your donation is helping children with their battle.
  • It’s tax deductible. You’ll receive a statement at the end of the financial year which will tell you exactly how much of a difference you’ve made over the year..

Over one year, for as little as $25 per month, you will provide:

1 family with professional counselling
delivered by our trained counsellors who listen and support all family members when needed, or

4 hours of home tutoring
to help school aged children keep up while undergoing treatment for cancer, or

8 nights of accommodation 
for a family forced to move to Adelaide for their child’s treatment, or

3 children with group counselling support  
through the SIBS program – a support group for brothers and sisters of children with cancer.

Become a Childhood Champion!

Planning is vital for every organisation. For the Childhood Cancer Association, regular donations mean our team can be more confident that we can continue to deliver this vital support.

The Childhood Champions community is designed for generous people like you to give a gift of your choice every month;  providing ongoing support to children and their families going through the battle of cancer.

Join today and support them through this battle.

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