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Volunteer Spotlight: Natalie Bunworth

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Thursday 1 Apr, 2021

Nat started volunteering for the Childhood Cancer Association in 2016 through our SIBS (sibling support) program – and her first adventure saw her on a bus to Moana for a 2-hour surf lesson. She had so much fun with a great bunch of kids, she felt guilty calling it “volunteering”.

Her passion to volunteer began when Nat’s sons went to school with a boy who lost his cancer battle just before his 10th birthday and his family also shared how supportive the Childhood Cancer Association was.

Nat says volunteering at SIBS is very rewarding.

“The Childhood Cancer staff put so much time in planning the day, which includes teaching coping strategies to help the kids to deal with the unique challenges faced when your sibling has cancer,” Nat says.

“Apart from all the fun, the thing that keeps me coming back is the huge benefit I can see for these children.

“To have a day when they are the centre of attention and they don't need to worry about their sibling or parents. You can see and feel the joy they get out of these days.

“The most heart-warming experience was when the children were asked what the best part of the day was and one child said, 'There are more children like me. I thought I was the only one'.”

Nat also held a GOLD round at her local Flagstaff Hill Football Club last year and raised $2,180 to support kids with cancer, and she plans to make this an annual event.

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering before. Nat says to just do it -she can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Want to Volunteer?

We have a range of volunteering opportunities to suit your personality or circumstance, like volunteering at fundraising events to shake a tin, sell merchandise, assist with bump in or out, working with the Family Service team with programs like SIBS, or even selling lottery tickets on our behalf.

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