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Recognising our Supporters

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It was a pleasure to host a number of our wonderful supporters at a reception at Government House to officially launch Childhood Cancer Awareness Month on Wednesday, 15th September.

While numbers were strictly limited, the reception was an opportunity to thank some of our Board, our long-term business supporters, our Helping Hands committee members, our media supporters, our pro-bono partners who help us to keep our costs low which means we can continue to provide vital support services to families in need.

Thanks were given to our supporters, partners and volunteers

Guests gathered as thanks were given

During the reception, the Bank SA Foundation and the SA Power Networks Employee Foundation were both recognised for their generosity and ongoing support of the Childhood Cancer Association over the years.

The reception also gave a warm welcome to some of the Childhood Cancer Association's newest supporters who have just begun a new partnership with us.

Jemima Leydon and Vittoria D'Ortenzio were also welcomed into the positions of Junior Ambassador to help raise awareness and funds for the Association. The Childhood Cancer Association was there to support both Jemima and Vittoria and their families when they were battling with cancer as children. They now want to support other families, just like theirs.

Cecilia White and Jemima Leydon

Chris Hartley, CCA President with Mark Mills, award recipient

It was an honour to recognise Mark Mills for the outstanding contribution that he has made in supporting the Childhood Cancer Association through his OnkaStompa Fishing Competition fundraiser for the past 15 years.

Starting with a small group of friends in 2005 , Mark Mills has turned OnkaStompa into the Childhood Cancer Association's most successful community event with very broad support from the Onkaparinga area, the fishing community, local businesses, politicians, local council, and media personalities.

Each year Mark has grown the number of participants and supporters, as well as his successful efforts, culminating in OnkaStompa raising a record breaking $57,000 raised during 2020, during a global pandemic.

Cath O'Loughlin & Paul Kristoris

As we do not receive any ongoing government funding, we are 100% reliant on donations and support from the local community to raise more than $1 million every year to deliver our vital services for children and families battling cancer.

We are truly grateful to have such amazing support and thank all our supporters for continuing to make a difference.

Lee Duffield, Aly Garrett, Olivia Thomas and Vicki Shearer
Ben Mead, Kay and Julian Burton
Yen Trieu, Fiona Grieve & Hollie Coleman

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