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Once treatment is finished, what then...

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Thanks to medical research, the overall survival rate for childhood cancer has now risen to more than 80%*.

However, while most children will now survive a cancer diagnosis, a number of longer term impacts of the disease and its treatment are now becoming more apparent, including physical complications, behavioural issues, or challenges to the child’s mental and emotional wellbeing once treatment ends.

Studies suggest that 70% of children who survive cancer suffer long-term health issues because of their treatment*.

Late effects may vary in severity and complexity but can be anything from physical issues, like organ dysfunction, infertility, hormonal changes, neurocognitive deficits and secondary malignancies to mental health issues, like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

What you may not realise is that a large number of the families we support have finished treatment and are in survivorship.

Once treatment is over, and when life is supposed to return to “normal”, that is often when issues present themselves and when families need our help.

The Childhood Cancer Association’s professional support services aim to prevent and/or reduce any long-term effects.

We do this through a range of support services including counselling and regular follow ups with the family.

Our services, like the home tutor scheme, oncology playgroup and the sibling support group, also aim to provide early intervention from the point of diagnosis, to help reduce the likelihood of long-term effects.

All families are eligible for professional support to help them cope at time of diagnosis, through treatment and into bereavement or survivorship.

Your ongoing support means we can always be there! Please consider making a donation today.

$40 = A night of respite accommodation for a family in need

$60 = Group counselling support for a brother or sister of a child with cancer

$100 = Counselling for a child with cancer


* Studies conducted by the Children's Cancer Institute

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